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Intel_reduced For nearly 40 years Intel has been leading and bringing new technology to the marketplace. They are building on their historical strength in silicon innovation and global manufacturing capacity to create new products and technologies that accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation. Whether it’s enjoying entertainment at home or using high-performance computing at work, Intel is helping people all over the world accomplish things they never before dreamed possible. In the end, it’s not just about making technology faster, smarter and cheaper — it’s about using that technology to make life better, richer, and more convenient for everyone it touches. To learn more, visit www.intel.com.
nvidia_reduced As Platinum Sponsor NVIDIA will award an incredible NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU to the best paper of ICVS 2015.NVIDIA awakened the world to computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999. From their roots in visual computing, they have expanded into supercomputing, mobile computing and cloud computing. NVIDIA’s CUDA parallel computing platform and programming model enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU, while their Tesla GPU accelerators help researchers advance the frontiers of science with high-performance computers – by accelerating application performance easily and dramatically. To learn more, visit www.nvidia.com.
The Obel Family Foundation is a corporate family foundation established in 1956. Among other things, its purpose is to support activities with the common good in mind. The Foundation has decided to focus on three areas: Research and education, Social objectives and health, Art and culture. Apart from these three areas, which are mainly applied to a Danish context, the foundation supports international projects annually.


DTI_reduced The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is a self-owned and not-for-profit institution. They develop, apply and disseminate research- and technologically-based knowledge for the Danish and International business sectors. As such, they participate in development projects, which are of use to society in close collaboration with leading research and educational institutions both in Denmark and abroad. On top of this, they carry out consultancy and standardisation services, which contribute to a dynamic and harmonious development of society. Their most important task is to ensure that new knowledge and technology quickly can be converted into value for our customers in the form of new or improved products, materials, processes, methods and organisational structures. They work together with new and existing companies, either individually or in groups, on ways to enhance technological and management restructuring and efficiency, across a broad range of industries as well as in leading edge sectors. To learn more, visit www.dti.dk .


M_tech_transparent_reduced Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (M-Tech) is an innovative research and educational environment at Aalborg University. The mission of the department is to create knowledge about mechanical and manufacturing engineering within the areas of industrial production and mechanical systems and transfer this knowledge to graduates, society, consumers and businesses. Knowledge building is based on strategic and application-oriented research with a generic character. To learn more, visit www.m-tech.aau.dk
WCPH_transparent_reduced After several years in the 1970s and 1980s with the general stagnation in Copenhagen, decided a group of government agencies and organizations to boost development. Therefore they established in 1992 Fund Wonderful Copenhagen that would merge into one professional organization to promote Copenhagen. The organization’s work has grown significantly over the years and rather than focusing exclusively on Copenhagen, Wonderful Copenhagen now the interests of the entire Capital Region. To learn more, visit www.visitcopenhagen.dk.
IJARS is addressed to both practicing professionals and researchers in the field of robotics and its specialty areas, academia, PhD students looking for the latest and most advanced research efforts in domains pertaining to robotics, and other technology experts interested in accessing the novelties introduced and developed in all robotics sciences.