Demo 1. “mini ScanLab” by Danish Technological Institute (DTI)

DTI works with universities and trash sorting stakeholders on the project Innosort to test technology for sorting trash with robots on material level and object level. In Odense, Denmark DTI built Scanlab, shown on the video, that served as a test bed.


The core idea is that a modular sensor suite consisting of 3D, 2D RGB/NIR, and active thermography can be paired with a variety of classifiers and model based vision technologies to sort certain materials and/or known objects. By using a robot to cherry pick valuable objects we can create a cleaner fraction than existing systems that uses air jets, magnets, or shoving.

At the ICVS exhibition we showcase our portable mini-Scanlab that demonstrates select technologies on a smaller scale but with a simplified mechanical sorting system.



Demo 2. NVIDIA will be present at the exhibition of ICVS 2015!!

more details will follow soon!!